Supreme Court Repudiates Hostility Toward Religious Institutions

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero | July 9, 2020 | 4:21pm EDT
A cross stands in a field. (Photo credit: David Silverman/Getty Images)
A cross stands in a field. (Photo credit: David Silverman/Getty Images)

Constitutionalists, people of biblical faith, and the vast number of Americans who appreciate the paradigm of local control are very pleased with the recent rulings by the Supreme Court regarding religious freedom and limitations on the government to impose an agenda that would devastate the goals of traditional religious institutions. 

Many of us have long awaited the equitable conclusion reached by the Court that would not force religious institutions to violate their religious conscience and teachings, as was upheld Wednesday in Little Sisters of the Poor vs. Pennsylvania. In this case, the sisters are not required to fund an insurance plan that would force them to subsidize abortions.  

The need for religious institutions to hire teachers and staff who will promote the religious teachings for which these institutions are formed and not be forced, in the cause of social engineering, to fill their staff and instructors with people who do not wish to conform or perpetuate the religious beliefs for which the institution was founded and organized, was verified Wednesday in Our Lady of Guadalupe School vs. Morrissey.

Religious freedom is enshrined in the very First Amendment, was the motivating principle for the founding of America, and should not be sidelined or held hostage to extraneous and hostile agendas. Both of these rulings repudiate brazen and overreaching attacks by the Obama administration against biblical institutions.

Rabbi Spero is spokesman for the Conference of Jewish Affairs and author of Push Back: Reclaiming our American Judeo-Christian Civilization, and can be heard on weeknights at 8pm EST.

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