Protesting Truckers Say They Were 'Harassed by Gov't,' 'Threatened with Arrest'

Alissa Tabirian | October 14, 2013 | 2:54pm EDT
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Truck drivers arriving to the Washington, D.C. beltway on a "Ride for the Constitution" to protest what they consider government corruption may have been intimidated by law enforcement and impeded by threats of arrest, according to attorney Larry Klayman, the truckers' legal spokesperson.

"Apparently, some of the truckers were threatened out there on the beltway . . . with being arrested if they came down to Washington, D.C., which scared them," Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, and former Department of Justice prosecutor under the Reagan administration, told CNSNews in an exclusive interview.

The protest ride was organized to slow down traffic on the highway surrounding the nation's capital in order to call attention to the truckers' demands, which included government accountability in the scandals plaguing the administration, and the arrest of members of Congress who the truckers believe are violating their oath of office. Turnout fell short of the thousands expected, however, drawing a few dozen participants instead.

"Apparently there were some law enforcement officers involved," Klayman said. "This thing did not obviously come off the way the truckers had hoped it would come off. And they are here, they're scattered throughout Washington - apparently they've been harassed by the government and threatened with arrest."

"If they're in jail, they can't make a living," he continued.

Klayman added that he would not be surprised if the allegations were to be proven true, though they have yet to be confirmed. "Frankly, the whole government's broken, and it's not serving anybody's interest right now," he said.

Local news reports noted an incident around 9 a.m. in which police stopped a handful of trucks for blocking all four lanes of traffic and intentionally driving well under the speed limit. The drivers were released with a warning.

Talk radio host Peter Santilli, media spokesperson for the truckers, is currently investigating the allegations. A spokesperson for Santilli's radio show told CNSNews that Virginia state police initially assured them there would be no interference from law enforcement "as long as we obeyed the traffic laws."

Spokespeople for the D.C. police department and the city's Department of Transportation told CNSNews that they are not aware of such allegations.

Regardless of the factors that drove the truckers away from D.C., Klayman's message to the administration was clear:  "At some point, we'll be back. You can rest assured of that."

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