‘My People Are Being Slaughtered!’ Iraqi Parliamentarian, Archbishop Confirm ISIS Committing ‘Genocide’

Barbara Boland | August 8, 2014 | 12:50pm EDT
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An Iraqi Member of Parliament named Vian Dakhil made an impassioned plea before the Iraqi Parliament Tuesday, begging them in tears to save the Yazidis from genocide, and a Syrian Orthodox Archbisop confirmed the atrocities being committed in two videos translated by MEMRI TV.

"I am standing here not in order to deliver a speech to the Iraqi people, but in order to convey the bitter reality of the Yazidis currently on Mount Sinjar," she began. "Mr. Speaker, under the slogan of 'There is No god but Allah,' 500 Yazidi boys and men have been slaughtered up to now."

"Madam MP, please stick to the communique that was agreed upon..." an official's voice interrupts.

In tears, the MP continues: "Mr. Speaker, our women are being taken captive and sold on the slave-market..."

A woman beside her implores the assembled impassive faces to listen, "Please brothers... please brothers..."

Dakhil continues, "A genocide campaign is taking place right now against the Yazidis..."

The official interrupts again, but Dakhil will not be dissuaded. Her voice breaking, she says, "I beg you Mr. Speaker, my people are being slaughtered! Just like the Iraqis were slaughtered: Shiites, Sunnis, Christians, Turkmens and the Shabak people. Today, the Yazidis are being slaughtered."

"Brothers, despite all the political disagreements, we want human solidarity. I speak in the name of humanity! Save us! Save us!" Dakhil begs.

"For the past 48 hours, 30,000 families have been besieged on Mount Sinjar, without food or water," she says. "They are dying. Seventy children have died so far of thirst and suffocation."

"Fifty elderly people have died because of the deteriorating conditions. Our women are being taken captive and sold on the slave-market," Dakhil said.

The official tries to shush her, but she will not stop. In tears, Dakhil implores: "Mr. Speaker, we call upon the Iraqi parliament to intervene immediately to stop this massacre."

"The Yazidis suffered 72 genocides, and it is being repeated in the 21st century. We are being slaughtered, annihilated," MP Dakhil said.

"An entire religion is being wiped off the face of the Earth," Dakhil said, her voice breaking. "Brothers I am calling out to you in the name of humanity! In the name of humanity, save us! Mr. Speaker, I want to..." at this point she dissolves into tears, and the women nearby console her.

The official thanks her. Her speech was broadcast on Al-Iraqiya TV on Tuesday.

Last night, President Barack Obama announced: "Today America is coming to help" committing air drops of food and water for the Yazidis trapped in northern Iraq. The U.S. may also launch airstrikes on the ISIS forces that are bent on exterminating all minorities from Iraq, even going so far as to behead Christian children.

Last month, Christian homes were marked and “while you are sitting in your home, your property is taken away from you in broad daylight, for all people to see, and there is nothing you can say,” said Syrian Orthodox Archbishop Nikodimos Daoud in a July interview with Russia Today.

The sheikhs climbed minarets and declared that “’The Christians must convert to Islam, pay the jizya poll tax, or be killed.’ It goes without saying that we cannot renounce our faith,” Archbishop Daoud went on.

“What is happening today in Iraq is genocide,” said Archbishop Daoud unequivocally. He said he kept silent out of fear of reprisals against Christians that remained in Mosul, but: “now there are no longer any Christians in Mosul, they have been driven from their homes and forced, in an arbitrary, terrorist and brutal manner to leave the city…”

What is happening, or what has happened to us… to all the Christians of all sects in Mosul can be described in a single word: genocide. That’s right. I’d like to emphasize the word ‘genocide’ or ‘ethnic cleansing,’” said Archbishop Daoud.

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