Ron Paul: With Open Borders 'People Can Get in And Go on Welfare...It's Just a Monster'

By Barbara Boland | August 5, 2014 | 2:37pm EDT

"Governments basically are designed to obliterate borders. They don't want you to come together," said former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul Saturday night. Speaking to Young Americans for Liberty, the group he helped found for college libertarians, he gave his opinion of the current immigration crisis in the U.S.

"We as an individual want to be in charge of ourselves, or our house, or our family, or our community," Dr. Paul said. "But governments generally don't like that. Governments... are always there breaking down the borders."

"And, in a libertarian society... some people argue... you should have totally open borders," Paul continued. "People can come and go all the time, and there's a little bit of an argument for that. The states operate that way. You and I can go back and forth. When California really screws up, they all move to Texas."

"...The big problem is, the welfare state," Paul said. "People can get in and get on welfare and it encourages people not to work, and it's just a monster."

Dr. Paul went on to explain how immigration would work in a libertarian state, adding: "but we're a long way from a libertarian society, and that's why we have the welfare state, it's very confusing."

"The national vote is a big deal, you get people in that believe in the welfare state and then the whole thing gets out of control," said Paul.

"If you work with people in coalitions when you agree on something, you sorta come together and neither side has to sacrifice any principles," Dr. Paul recommended to the students assembled at the Young Americans for Liberty's annual convention.

"It's exactly the opposite of what a moderate does. A moderate comes up and says okay we need to give this much welfare over here, and this much warfare over here. And we won't have an intrusive NSA, we'll have a modest approach to the NSA... you can't undermine liberty in a moderate sort of way."


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