State Dept Spox Tweets Insult to Fox’s O’Reilly

By Barbara Boland | September 4, 2014 | 1:45pm EDT

State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf tweeted an insult at Fox's Bill O'Reilly today, writing: "@Statedeptspox explains foreign policy w/intelligence & class. Too bad we can't say the same about @oreillyfactor."

O'Reilly criticized Spokeswoman Jen Psaki's terrible performance earlier this week.

Jen Psaki's performance as spokeswoman for the State Department has been riddled with problems - from her "hashtag diplomacy" missteps to her performance yesterday, which included both juvenile attacks on Fox News viewers and accusations that the White House Press Corps had taken Obama's remarks that ISIS would be made a "manageable problem" "out of context."

"That woman looks way out of her depth over there, just the way she delivers," said O'Reilly last night about Psaki. "It doesn't look like she has the gravitas for the job."

Psaki has the unenviable job of trying to make the administration's foreign policy appear coherent - but she has managed to put an unbelievably amateurish polish and juvenile tone to the whole endeavor.

Yesterday (in a mostly unpublicized) interchange with reporters at the State Department's press conference, Psaki attacked a reporter in an unbelievably unprofessional way, sniping when questioned on Israeli settlements: "I'm not going to do a history lesson with you here."

When reporters pushed back, begging for examples of actual action being taken by the State Department after Israel ignored U.S. requests to cease settlements, she responded with lines like these: "Well I don't think we expect that when we raise concerns, there's always going to be immediate change. What we do have a responsibility to do is raise concerns when we have them..."

Matt Lee from the AP then asked: "What you said a little while ago... when you raise concerns, you don't necessarily expect immediate change - do you expect change at all?"

"Of course we expect and would like to see change," Psaki snapped. "We ask for decisions to be reversed."

"But getting back to what [the reporter] was saying... when is it exactly that you expect them to reverse [their decision]?" asked Lee.

"I think we all know what the United States position is on settlements. This would not be a surprise to any Israeli government as to what our view would be," Psaki replied.

"What might be a surprise to the Israeli government is if you did something about it, other than just say 'you're opposed to it' and 'you should change your mind.' If you don't see results or reversal in the immediate term, or in the intermediate term or even in the long term, what happens?"

"I'm not hear to project that," said Psaki.

Watch the interchange here.

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