Obama: Applications Represent Only 3.5% of Visits - Tops

By Craig Bannister | October 27, 2013 | 2:34pm EDT

In his weekly address on Saturday, Pres. Obama said that Obamacare's website has had 20 million visits, but there have been only 700,000 applications for health insurance.

In his Oct. 27, speech, Obama said:

"The site has been visited more than 20 million times so far.  Nearly 700,000 people have applied for coverage already.  That proves just how much demand there is for these new quality, affordable health care choices.  And that's why, in the coming weeks, we are going to get it working as smoothly as it's supposed to.  We've got people working overtime, 24/7, to boost capacity and address these problems, every single day."

"Nearly" 700,000 applications divided by 20,000,000 visits suggests that "nearly" 3.5% of visits resulted in applications.

And, even this admission by the president doesn't tell us how many people successfully enrolled in a health plan visiting the site.

What's more, "applied for coverage" doesn't necessarily mean they used the website to apply - they might've used the phone and called the Obamacare hotline. So, 3.5% could be too generous.

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