Obama: Spending on Prisons Is 'Main Reason Tuition Has Gone Up'

By Craig Bannister | June 12, 2014 | 12:35pm EDT

Pres. Obama says spending on "less productive" things "like prisons" is driving up tuition costs.

In an interview discussing his plan to cap student loan repayments, Obama said:

"The main reason that tuition has gone up so much is that state legislatures stopped subsidizing public universities as much as they used to, in part because they started spending money on things like prisons and other activities that I think are less productive.  And so schools then made up for the declining state support by jacking up their tuition rates."

So, is the president advocating that states spend less on amenities for prisoners - or letting criminals out of prison (a pathway to freedom)? He didn't say. Instead, he went on to blame health care costs for also jacking up the cost of tuition:

"What's also happened is, is that the costs of things like health care that a university community with a lot of personnel has to shoulder, those costs have gone up faster than wages and incomes.  The combination of those things has made college tuition skyrocket faster than health care costs have."

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