Rep. Gohmert: Obama Wants $67,912 for Every Illegal Alien Minor

By Craig Bannister | July 10, 2014 | 2:26pm EDT

Pres. Obama is asking Congress for $3.7 billion - $67,912.28 per child - to deal with 57,000 minors illegally entering the U.S., Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) tweeted today.

But, the problem is more than money, Rep. Gohmert tells MRCTV, since Obama's threats and imperial actions are sending "the message that America has become lawless":

"His lawlessly announcing his one-man legislation allowing people to come illegally and stay illegally sent the message that America had become lawless and would not be enforcing our own border or laws. Now, demanding money or else he'll allow even more devastation to our health, education and housing systems should not be condoned nor encouraged."

"The United States has been invaded by about twice as many people as invaded France on D-Day," Rep. Gohmert tells MRCTV.

The congressman also blasted Pres. Obama for engaging in recreational indulgences like cards, golf, and billiards at times when the U.S. was in crisis:

"Since we have heard reports that President Obama went and played cards while our SEAL team was going after Bin Laden, and disappeared when our Consulate was under attack in Benghazi until he showed up at a fundraiser in Las Vegas, his decision to take a break from golf and play games of pool while America is being invaded is not surprising.

"Not only has he refused to take action at securing the border, he has been and continues to prevent his massive cadre of federal bureaucrats from enforcing the law and protecting us from invasion."

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