24: Live Another Day Episode 4: Everyone Shows Their True Colors

By Curtis Kalin | May 20, 2014 | 9:48am EDT

Spoiler Warning: If you have not watched episode 4 of '24: Live Another Day', stop reading now...

We left off last week with Jack creatively finding a way into the U.S. embassy in London. This week featured the hostage situation and resolution that gets all the show's characters on the same page.

Jack finds the framed drone pilot, Tanner, and takes the flight key for decryption in an effortless manner. However, he cannot escape the embassy, so he barricades himself in the "Comms Hub" with three hostages so he can upload the data.

The al-Harazi terrorist family is still feuding. Navid still says he can't go through with the attack, even though he's slated to pilot the drones. He plans to take Simone away with him behind Margot's back. One problem, Simone spills the whole plan to Margot the first chance she gets. Navid then stands up to Margot face to face, refusing to pilot the drones. (I mentioned last week that we might have yet to see the depth of Margot's malevolence. Let's just say we had to wait just one week.) In order to convince Navid to give in, Margot has her henchmen chop off her own daughter's fingers, one by one. Navid backs down after one finger in a gruesome scene.

Back to the Heller family where there's a different kind of tension. After successfully finishing his speech, Heller is informed of the hostage situation. Audrey is irate at Mark for having kept it from her. Heller wants to talk with Jack. After Jack informs Heller of the threat and his evidence and after the multiple times Jack's saved both Heller and Audrey's lives, Heller is swayed by Mark to go in and take Jack by force. This is a pattern with Heller, having betrayed Jack in season's five and six in similar ways. I'm not sure how many times Jack needs to be proven right before these leaders listen to him. Audrey does believe Jack, however. Even though her own father overruled her opinion.

The only other person who does believe Jack is Kate. After the Marines act righteously bloodthirsty, she sneaks into the Comms room and convinces Jack to stand down and give her the flight key so the CIA can help stop the attack. He surrenders just as the Marines blow the door. Kate takes Jack into CIA custody.

But, as the U.S. intelligence community is tripping over themselves not believing Jack, Margot has successfully gained access to the drone network and a newly cooperative Navid is at the helm.

This season is shaping up to be a standard 24 season in which Jack starts outside the law, fighting his own side for legitimacy, while the bad guys (or gal in this case) get a head start on planning their attack. Then by the time Jack and the law (CTU, FBI, CIA, etc.) make nice, they are all chasing the terrorists before they can strike. It just seems like the world would be spared so much destruction if U.S. law enforcement just believed Jack in the first place. Nonetheless, next week promises to be Margot's coming out party, where she makes her threats public and possibly strikes.

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