British Sniper Kills Six Terrorists with One Bullet

By Curtis Kalin | April 1, 2014 | 2:09pm EDT

Talk about biting the bullet! Or, getting the biggest bang for your buck.

During a December 2013 operation in Afghanistan, a British sniper killed six Taliban fighters with a single bullet.

British and Afghan forces were attacked by 15-20 Taliban fighters during a mission in southern Afghanistan. One of the men was wearing an explosive vest. The unnamed, 20-year-old sharpshooter took a single shot from 930 yards which struck the trigger of the vest and exploded, killing an additional five terrorists.

Lt Col Richard Slack, commanding officer of 9/12 Royal Lancers, detailed the sniper's encounter:

"The guy was wearing a vest. He was identified by the sniper moving down a tree line and coming up over a ditch," said Lt Col Slack. "He had a shawl on. It rose up and the sniper saw he had a machine gun.

"They were in contact and he was moving to a firing position. The sniper engaged him and the guy exploded. There was a pause on the radio and the sniper said, 'I think I've just shot a suicide bomber'. The rest of them were killed in the blast."

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