Obama: Healthcare Costs Rising Because Americans Not 'Shopping Effectively Enough’

By Curtis Kalin | October 6, 2014 | 10:38am EDT

President Obama has found a new scapegoat in the ongoing debate over his healthcare law: The American people.

During a townhall meeting in Indiana Friday, the plant manager of the steel manufacturer hosting the event asked the president a pointed question about healthcare costs:

“One of the questions I had is about the health care costs. We are seeing almost a double-digit increase in health care costs every year. So do you think that trend is going to go down? And what can we do to control that trend?”

A dumfounded Obama shifted the blame of the rising cost of healthcare to the plant manager himself:

“The question is whether you guys are shopping effectively enough, because it turns out that this year, and in fact over the course of the last four years, premiums have gone up at the slowest rate in 50 years.”

Experts have said the slower growth Obama speaks of has more to do with the anemic economic recovery than Obamacare. What’s more, its jaw-dropping that the president insinuates that rising healthcare costs are individual Americans’ fault and not the result of his wholesale overhaul of the system.

But not to worry, Obama then offered to put the manager in touch with “health care market folks” so they could presumably make better choices. Maybe Kathleen Sebelius will have time to help now that she’s unemployed. Or maybe there’s some well functioning website this plant manager could use.

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