Review: 24: Live Another Day Episode 10: Double-Cross(ed)

By Curtis Kalin | July 1, 2014 | 9:36am EDT

Spoiler Warning: If you have not watched episode 10 of '24: Live Another Day', stop reading now…

As the final hours of 24 tick down, an evil blast from the past emerges as possibly the gravest threat that America, and Jack Bauer, have ever faced.

We begin with Navaro still on the run from Jack and attempting to get to Adrian Cross. He seems to elude Jack and enter Liverpool station. Meanwhile, Cross tells Chloe his plans for the DOD override device. He wants to release the weapons codes to the world so anyone would be able to hack the weapons systems. In his “hacktivist”-addled mind, that would end warfare on Earth. He also admits he designed the device, not Yates, and he’s been working with the Chinese, too. But, he’ll have no qualms about double-crossing them (pardon the pun).

'Jack Bauer' Is Back

Navaro arrives and offloads the device, but Cross fails to give him a car to escape. Jack then catches up and apprehends him. Jack’s too late to intercept Cross, who’s left on a tube train.

Jack, Kate, and new acting CIA chief Ritter meet back at the CIA. Kate learns it was Navaro who sold those secrets to the Chinese, not her husband. Suddenly, Cross’s continually reference to himself as a “middleman” makes sense and squares with the story arc with Kate’s husband. Kate’s very emotional and confides in Jack that he committed suicide in prison after Kate lost faith in him. This seems to spur Jack on. He demands to interrogate Navaro with the most simple, yet infamous words Jack utters, muttering “Let me talk to him.”

Needless to say, Jack doesn’t get Navaro to talk, even after pistol whipping his hand repeatedly. Instead, Kate breaks into the infirmary where Navaro’s being attended to and threatens to kill him. Jack breaks in and tries to stop her.

Just as it looks like Kate’s going to pull the trigger, Navaro spills that he had a tracker placed on the device and provides the code. Jack and Kate look at each other, satisfied their plan worked. The whole thing was an act.

Things continue to go downhill for Mark and Audrey. She snaps at him in front of Heller, then when she tries to apologize, Mark brings up Jack and how this is all his fault. Audrey walks out. Mark, taken over by spite, calls the Russians and gives them Jack’s CIA tracker code (everybody seems to have some kind of tracker in 24) so they can find and kill him.

Chloe, after seemingly agreeing to Cross’s plan, tries to steal the device and flee - but, is foiled by Cross. Cross then forces Chloe back in the car and they head off to their hacktivist hideaway. But, when they arrive, they find the whole group brutally murdered and mutilated. The doors burst open to reveal the Chinese contact Cross had been working for, Cheng. Cross apparently didn’t know Cheng’s past and the fact that he’s not even affiliated with the Chinese government, anymore.

As background, Cheng was the Chinese intel official in the 4th season that found out Jack led a raid on their LA consulate and forced Jack to “disappear.” At the end of the 5th season, Cheng finally captured Jack and sent him back to China to be tortured for more than a year. In the 6th season, Cheng staged a raid on CTU before being caught and, supposedly, excommunicated from the government.

As Jack and Kate close in on the tracker, their car is T-boned by the Russians. Mark had tried to call to abort the operation, but failed. The Russians start a firefight with Jack and Kate.

Cheng reconfigures the device, but not before killing Cross. He then sends an order to a U.S. nuclear sub to fire on a Chinese aircraft carrier. The sub receives the orders, fires, and the missile strike the carrier.

It seems Cheng is trying to provoke a war. With just two episodes left and possible war on the horizon, Jack faces his toughest test yet, against an enemy he’s had quite the history with. At this point in the season, 24 is firing on all cylinders.

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