Review: 24: Live Another Day Episode 9: Old and New Enemies

Curtis Kalin | June 24, 2014 | 9:38am EDT
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Spoiler Warning: If you have not watched episode 9 of '24: Live Another Day', stop reading now…

The ninth episode of 24: Live Another Day revealed the biggest fake-out in 24 history.

Many avid 24 fans groused that such a pivotal character as President Heller was not provided with the "silent clock" upon his death last week. That's for a very good reason - he's not. Only after Ian discovers a video hiccup is it revealed that Chloe hacked the drone and sent a fake image to Margot. This happens as she's downed all but one of the drones.

'Jack Bauer' Is Back

She keeps one online after the deception, and vows vengeance. She abandons her blood lust for Heller, and now targets Waterloo Station, a train station now flooded with thousands of people fleeing the city. But, through Chloe’s hacking, the CIA can see what Margot sees. Chloe asks Cross for help, which he provides. This proves invaluable as they locate Margot and Ian. Jack and the CIA storm the building and a firefight ensues.

Jack fashions a rope to allow him to scale down the building from the roof. Ian shoots out the window, missing Jack. Ian leans over and Jack tosses him out of the window. He subdues Margot and pilots the missile away from the station and into the bay.

Earlier in the season, Jack made a comment to Kate that he “hates these people,” referring to terrorists like Margot. His harsh words were met with action after the threat had been neutralized. Margot tells him that the people she’s killed means Jack and Heller have lost. Jack gazes into her eyes and mutters, “The only one who’s dead is you,” and tosses her out the window as well. Jack Bauer’s form of justice doesn't include a courtroom.

Kate is then notified of Jordan’s death. She heads over to the scene and is briefed. She also briefs Jack who begins identifying the unknown assassin. Navaro watches as his plans are unraveling and calls Adrian Cross, who has reunited with Chloe. Navaro wants safe passage out of the country. Cross again references his role as a “middleman” but demands the drone override device in return for him providing the travel documents and safe passage. All of this swirls as a DOD techie discovers the drone tech isn’t only an override for drones, it can override most any Defense Department weapons system.

Audrey calls Jack to express her gratitude as Mark looks on, clearly peeved. This distraction gives Navaro an opening. He knocks out the techie, swipes the device, and flees. Jack pursues him through the bowels of the CIA and through the street but Navaro does manage to get away. Adrian Cross then arranges for Navaro to meet and swap the device. Chloe remains unaware of all of this, gets in Cross’s car, and gives him a kiss.

It seems we now know the next arc of the story. Adrian Cross is the next bad guy Jack must stop, but this time Chloe is on the wrong side. But, I’m confused as to why the DOD would create an override device for their entire weapons apparatus. That seems monumentally stupid. But, nonetheless, if Cross gets a hold of the override, the death toll could make the drone threat look minor.

We still don’t know how the Navaro/Cross conspiracy squares with framing Kate’s husband. Plus, how does that fit into Cross’s contention that he’s a middleman. Who’s pulling the strings?

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