Doomed Hamas Children's Show Characters Glorifying Martyrdom

Dan Joseph | July 30, 2014 | 3:05pm EDT
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Typically, everything is relatively blissful in the world of children’s television.  Millions of Americans undoubtedly harbor fond memories of the Muppets who inhabit Sesame Street or a giant purple dinosaur whose hugs are as big as his heart. 

Not only do these shows provide young children with colorful stimulus, but they also serve as educators.  Chances are that many of us learned our letters and numbers from a cookie-addicted monster or  were taught a lesson in sharing from a 7-foot tall, androgynous yellow bird.

As it turns out, shows that feature giant costumed characters are popular all over the world.  The Palestinian territories controlled by Hamas are no exception.

But, instead of counting and proper nutrition, the costumed creatures on the Al-Aqsa network’s on-again off-again kids show “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” teaches children about Jihad, Martyrdom and killing Jews.  There are also a lot fewer cookies being consumed.

“Tomorrow’s Pioneers” is a cheaply-produced children’s television program  in which young children are brought onto a pastel-colored set and taught the wonders of killing the inhabitants of Israel.  They are also groomed for Martyrdom and told that dying for the Palestinian cause is the highest goal a person can aspire to.

Of course, the costumed characters are the real draw for the kids.  The only problem is that they keep dying. 

“Tomorrow’s Pioneers” features an ongoing storyline in which one animal co-hosts the show for a year or so —the main host being a teenage Palestinian girl—and is then killed in some horrible fashion by Israeli forces or some other form of Jewish oppression.

“Tomorrow’s Pioneers “first came to the attention of Americans when, in 2007, a video started making the online rounds featuring a character called “Farfour.”  Farfour is a Palestinian version of Mickey Mouse wearing a knockoff costume that would make Walt Disney turn over in his cryogenic chamber. Farfour spends most of his time during the show exalting the benefits of Palestinian Martyrdom.

“What should we do if we want to liberate?” Farfour asks his young co-host. To which she replies “We will annihilate the Jews.”

We barely got to know Farfour.  Less than 3 months after making his worldwide debut, his character was killed.  Murdered by the Israeli government for a land deed given to him by his Grandfather and which he was supposed to keep safe from the “filth of the criminal plundering Jews.”

After Farfour’s martyrdom, he was replaced  by “Nahoul” the Bee. 

Nahoul probably hated Jews more than  Farfour did .

“We will liberate Al-Aqsa from the filth of the criminal Jews, who killed my grandfather and killed Farfour!” Nahoul proclaims.

Nahoul and Farfour are billed as cousins. This probably explains why their voices sound so similar. 

Nahoul also hates animals and is shown in one episode, throwing cats around by their tails and hurling rocks at a caged lion. 

Nahoul is excoriated by his co-host in order to teach viewers a lesson about animal cruelty.  But, as far as we know, killing Jews is still okay.

Unfortuantely, just as we were getting to know this cat-kicking, Jew-hating bumble bee, he gives up the ghost. 

In 2008, Nahoul dies from sickness due to not being able to leave Gaza and get the medical treatment that he needs.  After a death scene that is probably giving Palestinians nightmares to this day, Nahoul is replaced by Assoud, a 7-foot tall bunny.

Watch the entire dramatic scene here:

Assoud bears a striking resemblance to the Easter bunny.  Only instead of a desire to hide eggs, he wants to eat Israelis. 

“I Assoud will get rid of the Jews,” warns the giant talking rabbit. “I will eat them up.  Allah willing.”

Like his predecessors, Assoud dreams of becoming a martyr and in January of 2009 he gets his wish. Assoud is killed in an Israeli missile attack on Gaza.

Assoud was replaced by Nassur .  Nassur shares all the traits of his predecessors.  The high pitched voice, the Jew hatred, the desire for martyrdom.  The only difference is that he’s a bear.  Or possibly a dog.  His costume is so poorly constructed that it’s really impossible to tell. He might even be a kangaroo.  MRC’s entire investigative team is working on this matter and will keep you updated as more information comes in. 

In October 2009, “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” stopped airing new episodes.  The reason for the show’s long hiatus is unclear. It’s possible that they just ran out of material.  There are only so many episodes you can do on the subject of blowing up “Zionists” before your audience starts to tune you out.

What’s even worse, none of the seasons have been released on Blu-ray and Netflix refuses to return my letters requesting that the show be streamed for online viewing.

But there is some good news.

In May of 2014, “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” made its triumphant return to Hamas television, this time relabeled “Pioneers of Tomorrow.”  The show has a lovely new set and has brought back Nahoul the bee! (Or at least a relative of his.)

His costume has received an upgrade and he has obviously maintained his infectious energy and passion for martyrdom that made the show such a hit to begin with.  When he encourages his two young guests to punch Jews until they “turn their faces into tomatoes” he says it with a smile.  Most likely, with the knowledge that he will soon be martyred by the show’s producers and join his animal friends in paradise.

Advocates of the Palestinians like to insist that Israel is the aggressor and is targeting and murdering Palestinian children.  They insist that their goal is peace and their advocates in the United States are convinced that if Israel met a few simple Palestinian demands, the bombings would cease and the two sides would live in harmony.

These claims seem far less credible when we see the methods of indoctrination that Palestinians are using to turn kids against the Jews at such an early age.

Unless, of course, there’s a similar Israeli show in which talking animals encourage Jewish children to die horrible deaths in the name of their God. 

Perhaps Israeli parents have something different in mind when it comes to educating their kids.

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