Nude Satan Statue Erected Overnight, Shocking Citizens

By Dan Joseph | September 10, 2014 | 10:15am EDT

A nine-foot tall statue of Satan was taken down by authorities after it mysteriously appeared in Vancouver overnight.

The appearance of the statue came as a surprise to just about everyone as it was not commissioned by city authorities.

The bright red statue depicted a nude Satan with one hand raised  giving the “sign of the devil” and  sporting an erect penis. 

It was found placed on a pedestal that used to be home to a statue of Christopher Columbus, so to some of Canada’s more politically correct citizens, the Satan statue may have been considered an improvement.

After a while the statue became a tourist attraction until it was taken down on Monday.

“I am disappointed it’s gone,” said one man who was interviewed by a local Vancouver news station.  “I wanted to get a picture with it.

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