Tots Used as Props by Gun Control Activists

By Dan Joseph | June 5, 2014 | 12:50pm EDT

Tots used were used as Props in activists' gun control effort. Liberal activist group met in a Capitol Hill church June 3, 2014 to discuss their plans to lobby US Senators, with children, later that afternoon.

Those of us who follow politics on a regular basis understand that optics play a big role in how the public perceives a candidate or political message.  The American left has a very good grasp of this fact and has perfected the art of fooling Americans into believing that their activists are simply advocating for mainstream policies supported by a majority of the American public - and they're masters at using that as a vehicle to introduce progressive ideology into the mainstream conversation.

This tactic was on full display Wednesday afternoon, when the liberal activist group met in a Capitol Hill church to discuss their plans to lobby US senators later that afternoon.

The meeting was billed as an effort to garner support for President Obama’s nominee for Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, and deliver petitions advocating for his confirmation to US senators.

The position of Surgeon General is not one that typically invites controversy.  The position comes with little official responsibility and it largely serves as a spokesperson who is rolled out for photo ops whenever the government wants to draw attention to a particular health matter.

But Murthy isn’t just a concerned doctor.  He’s a long-time liberal activist and supporter of President Obama’s.  He also has a long history of bashing the NRA and is publicaly on record saying that he believes that guns are a “public health issue.”

The NRA opposes his nomination believing that he will use his position to advocate for anti-gun measures instead of advocating for actual health policy.

At the rally, speakers appeared to be more interested in attacking the NRA than propping up Dr. Murthy. While they had some nice things to say about the doctor, the speakers  spent most of their time at the podium talking about what they view as the dangers that guns pose to society—particularly to children-- and the necessity of further regulating firearms.

In order to maximize media attention, many of the activists brought small children who were dressed up as doctors along with them to the rally.  Parents were encouraged by event organizers to get the children to take photographs with senators to post on Twitter. Because, how can anyone say "No" to an adorable child dressed up in a doctor’s scrubs?

Of course, it is unfathomable that these children would have even a basic understanding of a complex issue like American health policy or gun rights.  But, it would be silly to think that these children were intended to be anything other than props for an ideological crusade, masquerading as support for a well-meaning, non-controversial doctor.

It’s one thing for adults to get involved in political activism, no matter how nonsensical the cause.  That’s your right as an American.  But, is it appropriate to force young children into a position where they are advocating for an issue that they couldn’t possibly understand?  They are children, not props.

Of course MRCTV was there and quickly exposed the real agenda behind the left’s propaganda.

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