Video: 'Aborted Baby Jesus' Dolls Hung in Hobby Lobby Store in Act of Anti-Christian Vandalism

By Dan Joseph | June 2, 2014 | 2:41pm EDT

A video has surfaced that appears to show an individual entering a Hobby Lobby store in Poughkeepsie, NY and committing an act of anti-Christian vandalism inside the store.

The video shows the individual placing several naked dolls with wire hangers going through their heads on one of the store’s shelves.  The naked baby dolls have long hair and beards and are adorned with labels which advertise the dolls as “Aborted Baby Jesus.”

The individual displays the dolls next to Easter decorations.

The video runs a little over one minute.  At the end of the video. a caption appears on the screen reading “Consume Like a real Christian at Hobby Lobby.” 

The video entitled “Christian Consumerism” is almost certainly intended to make some sort of political statement, most likely in reference to Hobby Lobby’s pending lawsuit against the Obama Administration in opposition to Obamacare's birth control mandate. 

While the identity of the individual perpetrating the act of vandalism in the video is unclear, the video itself was discovered on the website of artist, Ron English.  English is a popular American surrealist painter; well known in the artistic community for his use of pop culture icons—both fictional and otherwise—to make political statements. 

English is perhaps best known for his painting “Abraham Obama” which morphed the faces of Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln and was illegally posted all over the city of Boston in an effort to support Obama’s election in 2008.  

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