3 Year Old and WWII Veteran Form Special Friendship

By Eric Scheiner | July 11, 2014 | 9:28am EDT

It’s a special friendship between a 3 year-old boy and an 89 year-old World War II veteran.

According to KARE-TV, the Rychner’s really didn’t know their next door neighbor in Minnesota for nearly a decade.

That changed last year when their son Emmett, just 2 years old at the time, decided to pay Erling Kindem a visit.

"They kind of bonded over the tomatoes in his garden," said Emmet's mother, Ankia, "because Emmett loves tomatoes."

A shared interest in tomatoes became a strong frienship. Soon Erling and Emmett were racing lawn mowers, playing croquet and riding bikes.

It seems a special bond has formed, a bond that wil be tested as both boy and veteran prepare to move away from the nieghborhood.

But for now, the two friends are enjoying the remains of the summer together.

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