Boy Killed By Spider Had A Wish - Family Working To Make It Come True

Eric Scheiner | December 1, 2014 | 12:39pm EST
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“He wanted all the kids in Africa to have toys,” Jessica Carlisle tells WHNT-TV, “I mean, he was going to give his own toys.”

5 year-old Branson would go around his Alabama house collecting his own toys to give away to others, but two weeks ago things changed drastically.

“He asked me to scratch his back.  He said something had bit him,” Carlisle says.

The bite came from a Brown Recluse spider.

The family got medical treatment for Branson, but the bite got worse. Eventually, it would claim Branson’s life.

According to WHNT, Jessica and her family are going to carry out Branson’s wish and donate his Christmas presents to kids who won’t get any.

The community is now getting involved as well. The Carlisle family’s church accepting donated toys in memory of the young boy.


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