Duck Dynasty Star Ducks Barbara Walters Interview--to Go Hunting

Eric Scheiner | December 17, 2013 | 9:39am EST
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Many celebrities look forward to a Barbara Walters interview. Not so with Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. He skipped the interview to go duck hunting.

Robertson Family - sans Phil with Barbara Walters (ABC/ Heidi Gutman/Ida Mae Astute/Lorenzo Bevilaqua)

Radar Online is reporting that Robertson bailed on Walter’s ‘Most Fascinating People’ interview last month for the ABC network.

Walters talked with other members of the Robertson family, and Phil’s wife, Miss Kay, reportedly told her that the 67-year old founder of Duck Commander would rather shoot ducks than do the interview.

Walters says on-air that she has, “never been superseded by a duck before.”

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty (A&E/Karolina Wojasik 2013)

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