Watch When Employees Learn What Obamacare Will Do To Their Healthcare

By Eric Scheiner | February 3, 2014 | 12:05pm EST

"I don't know how President Obama thinks he's helping us," Judy says. "Because we can't afford this. We can't afford to pay these co-pays, to pay these deductibles on what we're making.”

Judy, the 53-year old mother of one child, makes a powerful statement in a Jan. 29 WTAE news story on how ObamaCare impacts small businesses and their employees.

Judy is among those that work at Simonetta’s Collision and Car Care in McKeesport, PA. The WTAE news crew captures the moment the employees all discover how their health insurance has changed due to the implementation of ObamaCare regulations.

The employees aren’t the only ones unhappy with the changes. Owner Gary Simonetta will see his insurance premium increase 63%.

“Small businesses are the heart of America,” Simonetta says, “How’s that going to effect everybody? It’s not good.”

It's an amazing video. Check it out.

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