Levin: Unemployed Americans are Probably Out Work Because of Obama

By James Beattie | January 7, 2014 | 12:31pm EST

In his first show after the holiday season Monday, Mark Levin told his listeners that those who are unemployed are "probably unemployed because of [Obama]."

Levin was discussing efforts by President Obama and Senate Democrats to raise the national minimum wage as part of a larger focus on income inequality in 2014.

"This is populist poppycock, that's exactly what it is.  And when are we gonna stop them?  When are we gonna fight them?  When are we gonna stand up to them?  'Oh the minimum wage.  Oh, woe is me, woe is me.'  Over 20 states have a minimum wage higher than the federal minimum wage.  Why is the federal government involved in this at all?

"And why are we talking about minimum wage?  Let them talk about the minimum wage.  We should talk about wealth creation and opportunity and jobs.  Obama wants another photo-op with unemployed people standing behind him.  Well, they're probably unemployed because of him.

"Some damn Republican leader oughta get up and have people behind him and say, 'These people are unemployed because of Obama and we want them to get jobs.  Not unemployment compensation extended for the zillionth time when we don't even have any money to pay it.  Let them talk about minimum wages.  Let us talk about maximum opportunities.  Let them talk about unemployment.  We'll talk about employment.'"

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