Bill Maher Claims Ted Cruz Said ‘Watching Gov’t Workers Die Is The Feel Good Movie Of The Fall'

By Jeffrey Meyer | October 7, 2013 | 11:32am EDT

Bill Maher’s disgusting use of social media seems to have no limit. On Sunday October 6, the HBO host took to Twitter to libel Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the following way:

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For those who do not know, “Gravity” is the latest blockbuster film starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. The plot centers around two astronauts who are forced to deal with a chain reaction of destruction caused by debris from a Russian anti-satellite test. Maher’s comments came just two days after mocking World War II vets by saying they weren’t “the brightest generation.”

Given that NASA is a government-funded program, Maher took to Twitter and felt it appropriate to claim that Senator Cruz would love to see government employees put in harm’s way, a disgusting comment that he has yet to retract. Not surprisingly, such hate-filled commentary is par for the course for Mr. Maher, who has a history of using vitriolic language to attack conservatives.

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