Calif. Enrolls Zero People Under ObamaCare Because Staff Aren't Trained to 'Sell Anything'

By Jeffrey Meyer | October 3, 2013 | 10:42am EDT

With the rollout of ObamaCare just two days old, the nation's largest and perhaps most liberal state seems to be having a slight problem.

According to KUSI-TV in San Diego, not a single Californian has been able to enroll in the ObamaCare exchange.  What's more, only 500,000 people actually visited the Covered California website on its first day even though officials originally claimed that number to be five million people.

Lizelda Lopez, spokeswoman for Covered California, blamed the error on a misstatement by a staff member, and that the website had five million page clicks by 500,000 unique visitors. Currently, Covered California is only taking applications to sign up for health insurance, but no one has actually been approved to purchase insurance.

The reason why? The folks running California's health exchange haven't actually been trained to "sell anything."

KUSI reports that of the 500,000 visitors to the site, only 7,100 people have actually filled out applications for insurance. Because California has failed to train its employees on how to sell ObamaCare, it may be a long time before California's 7.1 million uninsured citizens can get the coverage the law is mandating they obtain.

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