'Obamacar'--A Junker on Cinderblocks

By Jeffrey Meyer | October 9, 2013 | 4:58pm EDT

With the rollout of ObamaCare causing frustration across the nation, cartoonist Glenn Foden has published a cartoon showing that the problems with ObamaCare extend far beyond technological glitches. The cartoon masterfully compares ObamaCare to a broken-down car on cinderblocks, which with all its problems, is beyond repair.


In the cartoon, the car known as "ObamaCare" has numerous problems, such as a broken fender representing "higher premiums." The car being up on cinderblocks represents "work hours cut."

The numerous Band-Aids covering the car represent "biz not hiring" and a broken headlight representing Americans "losing coverage." The most important part of a car, the engine, is broken and represents ObamaCare being an example of "gov't overreach."

Despite all of the problems of the Obamacar, President Obama dressed as a car salesman, declares, "Ain't she a beaut?"

ObamaCare doesn't have just one thing wrong with it, such as computer glitches that have prevented millions of Americans from signing up for healthcare. Instead, the law is riddled with problems and, much like the car in the cartoon, should be relegated to the junkyard.

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