Town Taking Up Vote to Offer Hunting Licenses, Bounties for Shooting Drones Out of Sky

Joe Schoffstall | July 22, 2013 | 3:53pm EDT
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A town in Colorado is considering hunting licenses for unmanned aerial vehicles and bounties for drones in an effort to bring awareness to the surveillance state.

Deer Trail, a small town in Colorado, is considering an ordinance that would effectively create hunting licenses for shooting down drones, which would include bounties for provable parts.

The ordinance stated, "The Town of Deer Trail shall issue a reward of $100 to any shooter who presents a valid hunting license and the following identifiable parts of an unmanned aerial vehicle whose markings and configuration are consistent with those used on any similar craft known to be owned or operated by the United States federal government."

Phillip Steel, a resident of the town who wrote the ordinance, told local ABC 7 News he'd like the town to be known as the first place in America that has a drone hunting license.

"I would like to be known for the first place in America to have a drone hunting license," Steel said. When asked if that would be a federal offense, he says he is going to shoot it down with or without an ordinance. "This is a very symbolic ordinance. The fact that this is being done by a tiny little town of about 500 people," Steel added.

It is illegal to destroy federal property.

As for the fees and bounties, a $25 license would buy someone 21 years old and older permission to aim at drones, but only with shotguns. People would get paid $25 for identifiable parts of a drone, and $100 for a full downed drone.

The Deer Trail Board of Trustees will vote on the drone hunting ordinance Aug. 6. The organizer also says he's collected enough signatures to put the measure on a ballot the next election.

As previously reported, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says that 10,000 drones could be in the skies by 2020 after guidelines are approved.

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