California Voters Sour on Obama in Latest Poll

Katherine Rodriguez | September 2, 2014 | 11:56am EDT
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Voters in the Golden State seem to be unimpressed with President Obama's job performance lately.

According to the latest poll released Tuesday by Field Poll, only 45 percent of voters approve of Obama's job performance.  This is the first time that fewer than half of California voters are happy with Obama's performance as president this year.  Tuesday's results also show that Obama's approval ratings have slipped since June.

Mark DiCamillo, the head pollster at Field Report, said the trends are particularly ominous because the decline in numbers come from Obama's own supporters.

“These are constituencies that have been strong followers,” DiCamillo said in an interview with The Sacramento Bee. But there’s “frustration in the president not getting his way in affecting policy in Washington.”

In fact, here's how the president's looked at in some of the most liberal strongholds according to The Sacramento Bee:

Support among California Democrats dropped 8 percentage points to 68 percent over the last three months. Approval was down 11 points in Los Angeles County and 7 points in the Bay Area, usually liberal strongholds.

DiCamillo said the reason for Obama's sagging numbers in a favorable state was because there's "frustration in the president not getting his way in affecting policy in Washington."

According to The Bee, most are frustrated that Obama has not progressed on issues such as immigration reform.

The last time Obama's poll numbers dipped this low was September 2011, when 46 percent of Californians approved of the way Obama did his job while 44 percent disapproved.

Field Poll's 2011 report has more details on the numbers:

In 2009, during the first year of his presidency, 60% or more California voters held a favorable view of the job Obama is doing.  Throughout 2010 and the first half of 2011, Obama’s ratings with the public remained quite positive. Three months ago, more approved than disapproved by a 54% to 37% margin. However, the proportion viewing him in a negative light is on the rise, with nearly as many disapproving (44%) as approving (46%).

The trend in 2011 showed a decline in job approval among in all sub-groups of California's voting population, but the largest decline in job approval was only among non-partisan voters.

Nationwide, Obama's numbers don't fare much better.

Only 42 percent of people approve of the way Obama is doing his job while 51 percent of the country does not approve of the way Obama is handling presidential matters, according to Gallup's August report.

The survey was conducted August 14-28 with 1,280 registered California voters on landlines and cellphones, POLITICO reported.

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