The Five Best #CatMovies Trending on Twitter

Katherine Rodriguez | October 30, 2014 | 5:28pm EDT
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National Cat Day might have been yesterday, but cats are continuing to dominate social media.

In case you missed some of the best movie names with a bit of a feline twist, here are five #CatMovies you probably won't see in theaters, but wish you did.

1. The Blair Cat Project

2. Apocalypse Meow

3. "PAWS"

If you thought sharks were bad, just wait til these kitties pull out the claws!

4. A "Wok" To Remember

For that Asian-inspired kitty.

5. The Little "Furmaid"

Because who doesn't like a cat with that's furry AND likes to swim?

It seems like National Cat Day is turning into National Cat Week.  With Halloween around the corner, black cats should be making their debut any day now.


black cat chillin on Make A Gif

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