Poll: 74% of Americans Are Angry Or Dissatisfied With the Way Government Works

By Katherine Rodriguez | September 9, 2014 | 11:39am EDT

Three-fourths of the country agrees that the government is not working the way it should be.  According to the latest WaPo/ABC News poll, 74 percent of Americans are dissatisfied or angry with the way the government works while 23 percent of Americans are "satisfied, but not enthusiastic" with the way government works.

Only one percent of the country reported that they were "enthusiastic" about the way government is working.

As far as the demographics go, it seems that adults across all categories- men, women, liberal Democrats, conservative Republicans, whites, Hispanics, Catholics, Protestants- are in agreement.

The Washington Post breaks down just how sour a mood the country is in just a few months before the midterm elections:

The new survey portrays a country still in a sour mood heading toward the November midterm elections. Nearly two-thirds say the country is seriously off-track. A quarter say they have positive feelings about the way the federal government works, and of the roughly three-quarters with negative views, 49 percent are dissatisfied and 25 percent say they are angry.

The country might be in such a sour mood because support for President Obama and Congress have dipped to all-time lows.

Real Clear Politics shows just how poorly Obama is doing on his presidential report card, with only 42 percent of Americans approving of the way Obama is doing his job:

Forty-two percent of Americans approve of the way President Obama is handling his job, and he receives low marks on key issues. Clear majorities disapprove of his handling of the economy, international affairs, immigration, and implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

But while Obama did pretty poorly on his report card, Congress received even lower marks from the American people:

Congress’ approval rating -- 15 percent -- remains dismal, and fewer than 50 percent of Americans approve of how their particular representative is handling the job. Two-thirds of voters said they would “look around” for someone else to support over their member of Congress.

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air says that while Obama's ratings are pretty low, they haven't reached a new low in recent assessments:

His job approval is 42/51, which surprisingly isn’t a new low in this polling series. In November, as the ObamaCare rollout turned into a meltdown, Obama got a 42/55, which was the worst spread of Obama’s presidency. At the beginning of summer, Obama had a 46/51 overall job approval, so the movement here is surprisingly incremental given the plunge seen in the issues ratings.

For instance, Obama gets a 42/54 on the economy, worse than his overall job performance but the best issue he has at the moment. On foreign policy, Obama went from 46/50 to 38/56 in two months, a drop of 14 points in the gap. Strong disapproval of his handling of international affairs went up seven points, from 36% to 43%, which now outstrips his combined approval. His handling of ObamaCare gets a 38/56, which hasn’t changed much at all since the rollout debacle, but shows that ObamaCare is still a potent issue for voters. And on immigration, Obama went from 38/50 on June 1 to 31/59, with 45% strongly disapproving.

Obama will give a speech on ISIS tomorrow, but a majority of the American public is impatient with his failure to act abroad.  Seventy-one percent of the country is "hawkish" on Iraq and would support airstrike launches, up from 54 percent in July.

Sixty-five percent of the country would even go as far to support launching airstrikes in Syria- more than double the amount of support the country had for launching airstrikes in Syria for their use of chemical weapons.

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