Trump Rips CDC, Says It Should Be 'Ashamed of Itself' For Opposing Strict Quarantines

Katherine Rodriguez | October 27, 2014 | 11:22am EDT
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Donald Trump lashed out at the CDC on Fox and Friends Monday morning for its failure to come to a strict decision on what to do with people who come from Ebola-ridden West African countries.

"I don’t think the CDC has any standards, ‘cause as far as they’re concerned, you can come into the country and do whatever you want," Trump said.

President Obama and other top White House officials met Sunday night to discuss a more lenient policy for returning health care workers after quarantined nurse Kaci Hickox spoke out against her quarantine under the new guidelines.

Trump and the Fox and Friends panel, however, disagreed with the turn in decision-making.

"They were supposed to be home, self-quarantined, except they decided to go out and have a good time," Trump said.  "It’s absolutely ridiculous- and the CDC should be ashamed of themselves and our government should be ashamed of itself because frankly, we should stop it at the source- from West Africa. "

Trump and the folks at Fox and Friends aren't alone in thinking this way, however.

According to a Today Show poll located by MRCTV, 94 percent of Americans agree that there should be a mandatory quarantine.

An anonymous senior Obama administration official said the new orders defy science in an interview with The New York Times:

A senior Obama administration official, who spoke on background to discuss private conversations with state officials, called the governors’ plan “uncoordinated, very hurried, an immediate reaction to the New York City case that doesn’t comport with science.”


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