Lingerie Football Team Revokes 'Redskins' Name

By Kelly Lawyer | June 16, 2014 | 1:50pm EDT

The Washington Redskins' name is coming under fire once again-only it's not from who you would think.  The Legends Football League (LFL), formally known as the Lingerie Football League (yes, there really is such a thing), announced its newest D.C. based team will not use the previously-planned name "Redskinettes," but will use the name "Washington Warriorettes," instead.

Lingerie Football

Mitchell Mortaza, chairman of the new D.C. team and whose rap sheet includes drunk driving and public intoxication arrests, stated "As an avid thirty-five year Washington Redskins fan, I understand that we as fans place the name Redskins in high-regard. However, when the name offends as many American Indians as it has, I believe it is the responsibility of ownership to act. We chose an empowering name like the Washington Warriorettes as to not offend such an important faction of people that were the origination of this great country."

The Redskins name has come under much scrutiny in the past year from politicians, football fans, and others who claim the team's name is racial offensive to Native Americans.  In fact, the Redskins hired a lobbying firm to assist in the name controversy in May.  Regardless of the LFL's stance on its newest team's name, the question must be asked about the very nature of the LFL and its portrayal of women.

Lingerie football is exactly what it sounds like: women playing tackle football in bikini-like outfits, helmets, and football pads.  Currently, the league, which began in 2009, boasts 10 teams; the LFC has come under scrutiny by many for objectifying women to sell tickets and fill arenas.

In a letter written to protest the league airing on the Seven Network in Australia, the group, Collective Shout, complained, "The Lingerie Football League is sexist and demeaning to all women. It is not a sport, its purpose is to objectify women. We ask you also to consider the message the Lingerie Football League sends about female athletes and women in general - that their value lies not in their skills and abilities, but in their sex appeal." Further, the group claims players are not allowed to wear any additional clothing beyond the two-piece lingerie sets and "must agree to accidental nudity."

Additionally, former players, in the earlier years of the league, complained they would be fined $500 for wearing any additional garments under their bikini-like uniforms.   Despite the backlash and accusations, one can rest assured that the LFL will not be offending any Native Americans-only the occasional feminist.

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