Dana Loesch: I Was a Mean Liberal

Matt Vespa | February 3, 2014 | 5:39pm EST
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This morning, conservative activist and radio host Dana Loesch was a guest host with the ladies of ABC's The View.  This disconcerted the anti-gun group Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America, who made their displeasure known on social media.   Regardless, Ms. Loesch showed up and discussed, amongst other things, why she switched from being a liberal to a conservative.

In case you didn't know, Loesch was a liberal, campaigned for the Clintons, was an active College Democrat, and did opposition research.  "I was a mean one," she said.  Yet, when she became a mother, Loesch's views shifted dramatically. "There were a number a platforms with which I did not agree that liberals - that progressives - hold that I realized I didn't hold anymore," said Loesch.

When View co-host Jenny McCarthy asked her to name a few, Loesch said, "Well, big government is one of them. Fiscal responsibility, like I started realizing the importance of people should be good stewards to their fellow man - and really big government is the - it's the problem of what happens when people just forget they should be kind and they should help people and they should voluntarily do it."

The last vestiges of Loesch's former progressive self dissolved after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  As a liberal, she wasn't for military intervention pretty much anywhere in the world. She recalled thinking, "Well, no one is going to come over to the United States and ever do anything to us here."

While Loesch's views have changed, she maintains that every debate on the issues, especially ones considered high-intensity - like guns and abortion - should always have a level of respect for each other's views.  Nonetheless, she said it's difficult in politics because "people expect you - if you're a liberal or a conservative, it doesn't matter - they want to see a show."

Common ground was struck with Jenny McCarthy, who plans to homeschool her son.  Loesch home schools both her kids when it was discovered the public schools in St. Louis, where she used to live before being hired at The Blaze, weren't the best.

So, the more left-leaning viewers of The View got a great interview with someone across the aisle, and Moms Demand Action can continue their feckless campaign to curb our Second Amendment rights.

Isn't America great?

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