FedEx Mass Shooting Took Place in Gun-Free Zone

By Matt Vespa | April 30, 2014 | 5:09pm EDT

Yesterday, a man decided to go on a shooting rampage at a local FedEx facility in Kennesaw, Georgia.  He injured six people, with one of them in critical condition. It's a terrible tragedy, and it happened even though the FedEx facility is a "gun-free zone."

No Guns Allowed at Site of FedEx Shooting

The Associated Press photo below explicitly shows that firearms aren't permitted on the premises. So, the gun-free zone didn't stop the shooter, it just kept law-abiding gun owners from being armed when the attack occurred.

As John Lott noted earlier this month:

"[W]ith just two exceptions, at least since 1950, all the multiple victim public shootings in the United States have taken place where guns are banned. And you see these individuals, they surely act as if they're trying their best to find areas where victims can't defend themselves."

Now, Kennesaw is a city that has a law that requires its residents to own firearms - and this shooting still took place.

But, before liberals try and politicize this tragedy with their "I told you so" attitude, they still can't deny that virtually all multiple victim public shootings are more lethal because of gun control policies.  Leaving innocent civilians unarmed and vulnerable isn't smart policy.

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