NFL Fan Blasts Hypocrisy of Rejecting Home Defense Ad by Gun Company

By Matt Vespa | December 5, 2013 | 10:54am EST

It seems the Super Bowl has fallen victim to political correctness.  They’ve decided to ban a pro-Second Amendment – and pro-veteran – Super Bowl ad by Daniel Defense, a company that sells guns, detailing a father who declares that he will protect his family. “No one has the right to tell me how to defend them," he says.

The banning promoted this epic response from Colion Noir, a football fan, attorney - and NRA News commentator - who destroys the NFL for their hypocrisy.  He adds, “This type of selective censorship is really bordering on the line of social lunacy where the idea of self-protection is considered offensive, but I can watch Beyoncé – happily I might add – hump the stage during the halftime show.”

"I see more beer commercials during the Super Bowl than I see football, but don't get me wrong; I love beer, especially IPAs. And if some company wants to give me $3 million dollars, I'll name a specific brand. But let's not act like alcohol doesn't account for more deaths than guns do, but I don't see the NFL – or the powers that be - banning beer commercials."

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