Video: College Students Ace Pop Music Quiz, Bomb Benghazi Question

By Matt Vespa | May 19, 2014 | 5:33pm EDT

Last week, "Professor" Dan Joseph of MRCTV ventured onto the hallowed grounds of George Mason again to give students their final exam.  Over the course of the semester, these students have struggled miserably with Professor Joseph - but, channeling his inner-Joe Clark - he wasn't going to let these students leave for summer vacation without one final pop culture/current affairs exam.

Prof. Joseph asked students who sings the song "Happy," which everyone got right: it's Pharrell Williams.  The second question is where everything fell apart: What is Benghazi and why is it in the news?

One student said it's a place.  Indeed, it is a place - a place where four American, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were assassinated in 2012.  And, it has nothing to do with the Save The Children campaign.  Another student thought it was a place in Afghanistan.  Although, the best answer was probably the co-ed who said it reminded her of a guy who works with her at the gym.

Also, no one knew why it was in the news, although one student did say that it sounded familiar.

So, school's out  for the students.  MRCTV hopes they have a great summer...but, we'll be back in the fall.

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