Apocalypse Cow: 'Meat Is Destroying the World,' Alarmist Author Warns

By Sean Long | December 8, 2013 | 3:07pm EST

For liberals, everything leads to an apocalypse these days. Apparently, a common trend leading to our extinction is a practice as old as agriculture: the raising and eating of livestock.

One of the most common apocalyptic visions is climate change, but liberals are also worried about the end of antibiotics and the rise of "superbugs." Writing for the extremist website Alternet, lefty wacko David Sirota claimed that human consumption of meat will cause the end of mankind. The headline, "Meat Is Destroying the World," gave a less-than-subtle hint about the content.

Sirota asked, "What is it going to take to finally make long-term human survival a bigger priority than gluttonous meat consumption?" Specifically, he seemed fired up about Thanksgiving which he called "an extended paroxysm of meat consumption." Sirota highlighted the holiday as an example of a carnivore culture and "our willingness to risk self-destruction."

Turkey won't just put you to sleep, it will destroy the world!!!!!

Much of his article focused on personal attacks against meat-eating conservatives. He accused those skeptical of climate change of a "narcissistic aversion to any kind of sacrifice or lifestyle change" and said skeptics "reject all the environmental science."

Sirota's two-pronged argument essentially depended on the cost of resources needed to care for our livestock. He highlighted climate change-causing emissions resulting from "everything from [animal] transportation to land use to excretion to petroleum-based fertilizers that generate animal feed." Essentially, we need to all get back to nature and eat sprouts or, again, we destroy the world.

This tired claim, however, is not quite so simple, according to agricultural air quality expert Dr. Frank Mitloehner. Mitloehner, hailing from the University of California Davis, said as far back as 2010 that livestock-based emissions account for only 3 percent of American carbon emissions. That seems somehow less than the hot air generated by the subject.

Furthermore, while Sirota makes his antibiotic hysteria seem clear-cut, it is nothing of the sort. He argues that feeding antibiotics to livestock results in stronger bacteria that are killing humans and will make modern bacterial medicine obsolete.

However, while this may be a real concern, the pharmaceutical industry argues that there is not enough demand for stronger antibiotics. A representative of Johnson & Johnson claimed "The market for a new antibiotic is very small, the rewards are not there and so the capital is not flowing." Simple economics dictates that if there was enough demand, pharmaceutical companies would have incentives to research a new medicine to solve this problem.

Sirota has a history of baseless attacks against political opponents. He once called Glenn Beck a "political terrorist" and claimed conservatives only "pretend they care" about Boston bombing victims.

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