Jerry Springer: 'Is There a Human Being on Planet Earth that Wouldn't Want Barack Obama as a Son?'

Sean Long | January 28, 2014 | 7:54pm EST
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The unashamed cult of Obama worship just got its newest follower: the famous shock TV host Jerry Springer.

Schlock host Jerry Springer ripped into conservatives on Jan. 28's HuffPost Live while simultaneously praising President Barack Obama in ways that would make even Chris Matthews blush. He claimed that everyone ought to want the "bright," "brilliant," and "wonderful" Obama as a son. Springer did not, have the same kind words for conservatives, however, saying that conservatives "always" lose and simply hate Obama for his benevolent healthcare policies.

Springer, host of the tabloid talk "The Jerry Springer Show," gushed "Is there a human being on the Planet Earth that wouldn't want Barack Obama as a son? I mean look at what this young man has achieved and what's he's done on his own. And how he's become this great leader and done these things."

He continued "He's a wonderful husband, a wonderful father. He's bright, brilliant, usually the smartest person in the room." Springer then argued that conservatives truly hate Obama because he "wants health insurance for all Americans."

Springer's assessment of Obama mirrors that of Chris Matthews, who declared: "He's the perfect father, the perfect husband, the perfect American."

Springer, the former Democratic mayor of Cincinnati, treated political debate as meaningless, because "over time the world always becomes more liberal." He continued to argue that conservatives opposed equal rights for women and African-Americans. I guess demonizing conservatives as racists who are on the wrong side of history doesn't get old for some people.

Amusingly, Springer does not have nearly as positive of a commentary on himself, though it is far from humble. In January 2013, he declared "I am the father of the destruction of Western civilization. I have done that."

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