Creepy Underweared 'Sleepwalker' Giving Wellesley Students Nightmares

Timothy Hill | February 5, 2014 | 3:45pm EST
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We've got some creepy news from Hillary Clinton's old stomping ground of Wellesley College.

As reported by the Boston Globe, a realistic looking statue of a man in his tighty whities is freaking some women out at the college in Massachusetts.

Wellesley's 'Sleepwalker' Statue

According to the college, the statue has been installed on the grounds of the campus as a way to promote a new art exhibit from Tony Matelli at an on-campus museum.

Apparently, one junior at the college is worried that the statue could "trigger" some sexual assault victims' memories and has even started an online petition to get the statue removed.  So far, the petition has gained more than 340 signatures.

Zoe Magid, the junior in question, should ask herself if the man portrayed in this statue rises to the same level of outrage that led Penn State to remove the statue of the late Joe Paterno.

As far as anyone knows, the man in the statue is just a generic American male, even complete with mild obesity. The only thing this statue didn't cover up was the rest of his body, which is hardly a crime (for a statue).

The only question I have is whether the sculptor was modeling the piece after a young Bill Clinton or Saul Alinsky sneaking out of Hillary's dorm room in the middle of the night in the late 1960s.

Editor's Update: The artist who created the statue is now defending it, saying he thought students would empathize with the "Sleepwalker" because he's an "outsider' who's "displaced."

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