More Barbie Dolls Sold in 1959 Than Obamacare Buyers Today

Ali Meyer | November 13, 2013 | 7:40pm EST
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Vice President Joe Biden an dPResident Barack Obama. (AP)

( -- Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced today that 106,185 Americans had selected a health care plan through the Obamacare exchanges as of Nov. 2, which is far below administration projections and numerically below other participatory actions and events in American life, such as the number of home floreclosures in Florida, at least 107,000, or the 350,000 Barbie dolls sold in 1959.

According to the HHS, “Enrollment figures include those who have selected a plan and have or have not yet paid the first month’s premium.” That is for plans selected through the state exchanges and the federal exchange.  Obamacare is officially slated to begin on Jan. 1, 2014.

(Infographic Meyer)

For comparison to the 106,185 people who selected health plans through the Obamacare exchanges over 33 days, below is a chart that shows participation numbers in other actions and events by Americans, including the number of home foreclosures, tweets about Miley Cyrus and breast augmentations.

107,000: Number of home foreclosures in Florida alone, June 2012-June 2013.

200,000: Number of people injured by lawnmowers each year in the United States.

300,000: Number of tweets per minute about Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance.

307,000: Number of women in the US that got breast augmentation surgery in 2011.

350,000: Number of Barbie dolls sold in the first year of production, 1959.

1,000,000: Number of people who watched Sharknado.

1,400,000: Number of people employed by Wal-Mart in USA.

32,000,000: Number of visits to the Drudge Report per day.

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