Ann Coulter: U.S. Immigration Policy Supposed to Make the Country Better, Not Worse

By Susan Jones | April 23, 2013 | 6:23am EDT

This April 15, 2013 photo provided by Bob Leonard shows third from left, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings. This image was taken approximately 10-20 minutes before the blast. (Bob Leonard/AP Photo)

( - U.S. immigration policy "has nothing to do with helping America," Ann Coulter told Sean Hannity Monday night. "It has to do with resolving the internal problems of other countries. We will take the illiterate, unskilled, low-skilled workers from all these other countries. We will take their old people and put them on our supplemental security insurance and Medicare.

"No, your immigration policy is supposed to be to make your country better, not to make it worse and to create all those problems," Coulter continued. "(Sen.) Lindsay Graham was on some show this weekend saying this shows how we need better tracking. I'm thinking this shows how we need better immigrants."

Coulter said immigration law needs to change: "I mean, why are these people being admitted legally? How are they making the country better, even when they are not blowing stuff up? Do we need another push cart operator? No, I think not. Sorry, Danish surgeon, we don't have room for you."

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The Boston terror attacks, carried out by legal immigrants to the United States, should raise red flags about the new Senate immigration bill, Coulter said:

"When we're expecting the FBI to do background checks on 20 million illegal aliens in the next three months, they can't do a background check on a radical when they are tipped off by Russia?"

Coulter is among those who believe the surviving suspect should be treated as an enemy combatant rather than a criminal with the right to remain silent.

"If we aren't going to talk to him and get any information about the (terrorist) cell, about any foreign influence...they should have kept shooting when they caught him in the boat. Get him in the automatic death penalty there."

The need to get national security information from the suspect is critical, Coulter said: "We need to know what Russia knew. Now that they know...what a bang-up job our FBI did after the FBI was tipped off by them, are they going to trust us with their information to be presented in a public trial?"

Coulter also raised concerns about the elder suspect's wife: "I don't care if she knew about this. She ought to be in prison for wearing a hijab. This immigration policy of, you know, us assimilating immigrants into our culture isn't really working. No, they are assimilating us into their culture. Did she get a clitorectomy too?"

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