Baldwin on Campaign Finance Reform: Congressional Candidates Want to Be ‘Relieved of the Burden’ of Fundraising

By Nicholas Ballasy | April 11, 2011 | 2:40pm EDT

( – Actor Alec Baldwin, expressing support for campaign finance reform, said congressional candidates want to be “relieved of the burden” of fundraising, adding that it is time to reduce the influence of “corporate lobbyists and special interest money” in campaigns.

Alec Baldwin (AP Photo)

Baldwin appeared on Capitol Hill with Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.) to support the Fair Elections Now Act, which would limit congressional candidates’ fundraising to small donations under $100 plus matching contributions from the Fair Elections Fund.  

“In poll after poll Americans agree that our political system is broken. Unfortunately, they believe that elections are sold to the highest bidder. The fair elections system now will help restore confidence in our political system. It’s time to reduce the influence of corporate lobbyists and I want to stress the word reduce. We’re never going to be able to eliminate that influence but it’s time to reduce the influence of corporate lobbyists and special interest money,” said Baldwin on Wednesday at the Capitol.

Baldwin said he asked Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.), who was elected to Congress in 1975, what he thinks is the biggest difference on Capitol Hill today compared to when he first arrived at the Capitol.

“He [Miller] said, ‘people who used to come down here to Washington, who used to come here to serve in government, Senate and Representatives , he said they came here because they believed in something. They wanted to represent their people back home. They wanted to govern. They came with ideas. They came with passion,’” Baldwin said at the press conference.

“He [Miller] said, ‘now people just come here to raise money and to fight’ and we need to change that and I really believe that the majority of people in the Congress, they want to be relieved of that burden. They want that spell to be broken. They want to be able to do the good work that they’ve been sent here to do.”

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