Greenpeace ‘Santa’ Threatens to ‘Cancel Christmas’ Due to Global Warming

By Barbara Hollingsworth | December 9, 2013 | 11:25am EST

Greenpeace UK 'Santa' played by British actor Jim Carter (Greenpeace)

( – Greenpeace UK is soliciting donations to combat global warming with a video entitled “An Urgent Message From Santa.”

The video features a deeply depressed, creepy-looking Santa who claims that “melting ice” at the North Pole will force him to “cancel Christmas” unless world leaders act to stop global warming.

The Greenpeace “Santa” is played by British actor Jim Carter, a member of the environmental group who also plays the butler in the popular PBS “Downton Abbey” TV series.

But the only thing this doom-and-gloom “Santa” has in common with the beloved Jolly St. Nick figure is his familiar-looking red and white suit.

“Dear children, regrettably I bring bad tidings,” the Greenpeace “Santa” says, speaking from what looks like a stark, dimly lit bunker. “For some time now, melting ice here at the North Pole has made our operations and our day-to-day life intolerable and impossible, and there may be no alternative but to cancel Christmas.

“I have written personally to President Obama, President Putin, all world leaders. Sadly, my letters have been met with indifference. Needless to say, these individuals are now at the top of my naughty list.

“My home in the Arctic is fast disappearing and unless we all act urgently, then I have to warn you of the possibility of an empty stocking forevermore. Please help me.”

(WARNING: Video not suitable for children.)

However, the video doesn’t mention the fact that the latest available data from the National Snow & Ice Data Center (NSIDC) shows that last month the Arctic ice sheet covered nearly four million square miles, including the North Pole.

Arctic ice in November 2013. North Pole is marked by an X. (Nat'l. Snow & Ice Data Center)

If the sight of a deeply depressed “Santa” isn’t enough to convince donors to reach for their checkbooks and credit cards, Greenpeace’s “Save Santa’s Home” website drives the message home by claiming that the North Pole is “melting away” and “world leaders are ignoring the reindeer’s cries for help as they sink in the melting ice.”

“The North Pole is Santa’s home, and where he, the Elves and Mrs. Claus produce, organize and deliver presents for all the children of the world. But the North Pole is only a frozen ocean and it’s melting away faster and faster. Santa can no longer function. His warehouse is flooded. All the presents are ruined,” according to the Greenpeace website.

“That’s bad enough. But oil companies are trying to drill in the Arctic Ocean around him. They want to extract the oil that – when it’s used – will make the melting of the Arctic all the quicker….Even the threat of being on Santa’s naughty list hasn’t prompted a rescue operation,” the website claims.

But Greenpeace may have gone too far by attempting to co-opt a mythical figure associated with generosity and joy, not climate apocalypse.

“It looks like a hostage video, but instead of Al Qaida, it’s Santa,” 
CNN’s Jeanne Moos commented. “Not since a real-live bandit robbed a Nashville bank dressed as St. Nick have we seen such a sorry excuse for a Santa.”

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