Rep. King: Obama is 'Importing Millions... of Undocumented Democrats’

By Barbara Hollingsworth | April 20, 2015 | 5:33pm EDT


Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). (AP photo)

( –  Rep. Steve King (R-IA) accused President Obama of “importing millions of illegal aliens” in order to stack the electorate with “undocumented Democrats” who will vote for his party.

“To put it simply, the President is importing millions of illegal aliens who, when they arrive here he thinks, and he’s right, they are undocumented Democrats.

"And so the next phase of this is to document these Democrats so they can vote,” King said Thursday in an interview on the The John Fredericks Show.

“This is a raw political power move,” King added. “I mean, think of the time that Franklin Delano Roosevelt tried to stack the Supreme Court. Well that was grossly offensive to the American people that he would try to do that, to try to get the result he wanted out of the Supreme Court.

“Well, this is the president of the United States trying to stack the electorate in America with millions of people, and lawlessly bringing them into the United States of America and giving them a presence here, and thinking and realizing that the longer you can keep them here, the less likely it is that they will go home.

"And they will see Barack Obama and his party, that they are the beneficiaries of his lawlessness. They don’t understand the law. They come from lawless countries. So they’re not at all likely to defend our Constitution. “

King added that “this massive electorate… will likely vote in large numbers for Barack Obama and his party just like African Americans have done so after Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act [of 1964], which by the way, took the majority of the Republicans in the House and in the Senate to make sure that that passed.”

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