Pelosi’s Tribute to Boehner: 'Thank You, John, for Your Leadership and Courage as Speaker'

By Staff | November 2, 2015 | 1:09pm EST
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( - After Rep. Paul Ryan was elected speaker of the House last Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi gave a speech thanking resigning Speaker John Boehner for his service.

“As you all know, Speaker Boehner was a formidable spokesman for the Republican agenda,” Pelosi said.

“Thank you, John, for your leadership and courage as speaker,” Pelosi said.

Here is the text of Pelosi’s tribute to Boehner:

My dear colleagues of the 114th Congress of the United States, today, as every day, we come to this floor strengthened and inspired by the support of our colleagues, the trust of our constituents, and the love of our families. My special thanks to my husband, Paul; our five children; our nine grandchildren; and the entire Pelosi and D’Alesandro families for their support.

My deep gratitude to the people of San Francisco for the continued honor they give me to represent them here.

My heartfelt thanks to my Democratic colleagues for extending me the honor of being nominated to be Speaker of the House. Thank you, my colleagues.

Today, we bid farewell to a Speaker who has served his constituents and this Congress with honor for 25 years, Speaker John Boehner. In his story, we are reminded of the enduring, exceptional promise of America— this hardworking son of an Ohio bartender and owner who grew up to be the Speaker of the House of Representatives. John Boehner talked about the American Dream. John Boehner, you are the personification of the American Dream.

As you all know, Speaker Boehner was a formidable spokesman for the Republican agenda. My Republican colleagues, I am sure you know—and I can attest—to the fact that he was always true and loyal to the members of his Conference in any negotiations we ever had.

Although we had our differences and often, I always respected his dedication to this House and his commitment to his values. Thank you, John, for your leadership and courage as Speaker.

Your graciousness as Speaker extended and was reflected in your staff under the leadership of Mike Sommers, whom we all respect. Thank you to John Boehner’s staff. I know I speak for everyone here, Democrats and Republicans, when I thank you for making the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis such a beautiful and meaningful experience for all of us.

Today, we extend our thanks and congratulations to Debbie; your daughters, Lindsay and Tricia; and the entire Boehner family, now including grandson, Allister.

Let’s hear it for the family of John Boehner.

On behalf of House Democrats and personally, I wish you and your family all of God’s blessings in the glorious years ahead.

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