Commentary: New York’s GOP State Senators Lead Way to Defeat ‘Obamization’

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero | June 12, 2009 | 1:23pm EDT
In a stunning reversal, Republican state senators in New York have regained control of the Senate Chamber.  Linking together with two Democrats eager to defect from the Democrat-controlled Senate, Republicans have been able to take back the leadership role they have held over the New York State Senate for most of the last 50 years.

In light of the many defeats  Republicans have suffered across the country since November, as well as the devastating executive orders and pronouncements coming from the Obama White House, it is heartening to see that there still is blood pulsating within segments of the Republican Party and an unwillingness to “yield to history” but fight. 
Hopefully, the gutsy maneuvers of New York State’s Republican Senators, led by State Senator Dean Skelos of Nassau County, will inspire Republicans in other state houses to begin acting like those still alive as opposed to those on a sickbed. Skelos engineered the maneuver and was not intimidated, despite attempts by the liberal New York media to vilify the parliamentary victory.

What is at stake in New York is indicative of what is at stake on the national level.  Democrats here keep raising taxes on who they call “the rich” to a degree that is forcing middle-class people to flee the state, let alone the many millionaires who are no longer willing to have every inch of every pocket picked so as to satisfy the ever-expanding demands of constituencies who themselves pay little taxes but whose clout comes from electing officials who will enact redistributionist wealth thievery.

Another issue that the Democrats were pushing was same-sex marriage.  The Democrat agenda was to be voted on in these next two weeks prior to the summer recess. However, with the last-minute takeover of the Senate by Republicans, same-sex marriage will not pass nor will the budget and taxes be allowed to soar into the stratosphere.

One of the issues that propelled the Republican takeover was an opposition to how Senate Democrat leader Malcolm Smith had decided to divide state money.  Smith, representing a minority community, was going to use 90 percent of state money dedicated for neighborhood grants, charitable allocations, and other earmarks towards Democrat neighborhoods, which would have left Long Island and other high taxpaying districts with only 10 percent of the state’s earmark allocations.
This is unacceptable given that Long Island, composed of Nassau and Suffolk counties, is one of the highest-paying tax areas to New York State.  Malcolm Smith’s and the Democrats’ intention was, in effect,  to rob suburbanites -- Long Island being a suburb of New York City -- of its share of taxpayer receipts so as to give the preponderance to urban communities. A Senate that was under Democrat control by just one or two seats was prepared to give 90 percent of “member grants” to liberals.

What is becoming untenable and unacceptable is the notion that those who indeed pay taxes to the state must “sacrifice” and receive back from the state far less than those who pay so little in taxes, or none at all.  It is worse than redistribution. It is the requirement that suburbanites, basically, nullify their own needs and pay for everyone in the “urban” neighborhoods.  This is nothing less than Obamization.

Also at stake was the gerrymandering of New York’s congressional districts by Democrats that would have made it impossible for Republicans to ever gain control of the State Assembly and Senate, and would have made it difficult for any Republican running for U.S. Congress to be elected in districts newly gerrymandered by the state Democrats. 
Nothing would please state Democrats more than concocting a way to render New York’s Republican Congressman Peter King unable to get re-elected. Peter King is an articulate and strong voice in behalf of conservatism.  He is fearless and unique. He remains the lone congressman on the entire east coast from Maine down to Virginia elected as a Republican.

What was also frightening was how New York State Democrats were embarking on their own Obama version of Acornization. Word got out how money was going to be channeled to “community activists” who would “help the poor and the disenfranchised be part of the electoral process.”  Though it sounds lofty, the intent is obvious and mendacious – a power grab for the Democrat Party.

Another issue involves local control.  There are many fine parks in certain areas and neighborhoods of suburban New York where residents of those neighborhoods pay taxes around $20,000 per year, so that their particular public schools and parks remain clean, safe and of high quality. 
But a Democrat remains a Democrat, be he the president of the United States or a local county or township supervisor.  The goal of many Democrats here in the State of New York is to take control of those wonderful playgrounds and parks, paid for specifically by those residing in these neighborhoods, and open them up, countywide and statewide, so that any riff-raff, bullies, or dangerous and unsavory members of the Empire State have access to them. 
The result of this in certain parts of the state has been a complete takeover of many these wonderful neighborhood parks by those who pay no taxes to support these parks yet come in and abuse them, and frighten away the local residents.  The fight in New York is no different from the fight against Obama’s socialism on the national level.

This has been a good week, finally. In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, a courageous and sensible critic of radical Islam, was re-elected, with more votes than before; there was the renunciation of England’s Labour Party and specifically Gordon Brown; many Europeans voted for national sovereignty instead of complete submission to the European Union.
Now, with the victory in the New York State Senate, perhaps the backlash is beginning and things are beginning to turn. No doubt, if we fight hard enough, this will not be the decade of Obama and socialism.

If the people want more direct and local control, they will have to fight the corruption -- the Acornization -- taking place on the very streets of their neighborhoods where they live and get actively involved in local and state politics.
Rabbi Aryeh Spero is president of the Caucus for America.

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