Condoleezza Rice: 'Perhaps We Will Decide There Needs to Be' Same-Sex Civil Unions

Patrick Burke | July 13, 2012 | 4:11pm EDT
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Condoleezza Rice. (AP Photo)

( -- Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who reportedly is on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's short list for a running mate, said in a December 2010 interview with Christianity Today that while she believes marriage is designed for a man and a woman "perhaps we will decide that there needs to be some way for people to express their desire to live together through civil union."

While discussing how faith has guided her positions on different issues, Rice was prompted by Christianity Today’s Sarah Pulliam Bailey to discuss same-sex marriage.

“Same-sex marriage is another issue that has captured the country's attention in recent years,” said Bailey.

Rice responded: “I have lots of respect for people on both sides of this divide, because there are really hard issues. I don't ever want anybody to be denied rights within our country.”

“I happen to think marriage is between a man and a woman. That's tradition, and I believe that that's the right answer,” she said. “But perhaps we will decide that there needs to be some way for people to express their desire to live together through civil union. I think the country, if we can keep the volume down, will come to good answers.”

On Thursday, The Drudge Report claimed that Rice is “near the top of the list” of running mates the Romney campaign is considering.

Appearing on Fox News on May 10, Romney said that he believes same-sex couples have a "right" to adopt children. However, he would not let such couples use the word "marriage" to describe their arrangements.

“I also know many gay couples are able to adopt children. That’s fine,” Romney told Fox News. “But my preference is that we encourage the marriage of a man and a woman.”

“I believe that marriage has been defined in the same way for literally thousands of years by virtually every civilization in history, and that marriage is literally by its definition a relationship between a man and a woman,” Romney said.

"And that if two people of the same gender want to live together, want to have a loving relationship and even want to adopt a child, in my state, individuals of the same sex were able to adopt children. In my view, that’s something which people have the right to do," said Romney. "But to call that marriage is, in my view, is a departure from the real meaning of that word.”

Condoleezza Rice described herself in a March 11, 2005 interview with the Washington Times as "mildly pro-choice," and in explaining what that means two days later on NBC's "Meet the Press" stated her position that abortion should be legal in the United States.

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