Kasich: Cruz's Patrolling Muslim Communities Plan 'Ridiculous,’ 'We Want Muslims’ To Tell the Authorities

By Craig Millward | March 30, 2016 | 12:23pm EDT

Ohio's GOP Gov. John Kasich. (AP) 

(CNSNews.com) -- Republican presidential candidate Governor John Kasich criticized Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) proposal to more closely patrol and monitor Muslim communities for radical Islamists following the Brussels terror attacks, calling it “ridiculous.”

Kaisch was asked at a CNN town hall on Tuesday if he supported Sen. Cruz’s plan.

“No, I don't support that at all,” Kasich said. “I think it's ridiculous.”

He continued “And you know what? The guy who was the best police guy in the whole country, he understands policing, is a guy named Bill Bratton.” 

“He's now currently the police chief in New York,” said Kasich.  “He was the police chief under Rudy Giuliani. He was the head of the metro system in Boston. And he ran the Los Angeles Police Department. He is absolutely the best. He said that plan is ridiculous.”

“And let me just tell you, sir, we all want to catch these bad guys,” said Kasich.  “And I know how it works because I've got Joint Terrorism Task Force members who are in my state, they're in your state.”

“We need to hear what's happening in the community,” he continued.  “So let me just -- let me ask you this question: If all of a sudden we start trying to pinpoint you -- we have a religious test, we're going to now patrol your neighborhood and your home because we suspect, even though you're as law-abiding as anybody else in the country. Now I want you to help me find out who the bad guys are.”

“I mean, come on, that doesn't make any sense that if we polarize the entire Muslim community, how are we going to get the information we want?” said Kasich.  “We want Muslims who go to mosques who see radicalization to tell the authorities about it.”

Kasich continued, “Because I have got to tell you, the vast, vast, vast majority of Muslims, they think their religion has been hijacked, that we have murderers out there who have distorted their religion. And they want to stop that as much as we want to stop it.”

“So the fact is, let's isolate those people who are the killers and let's work together as a community of civilized people to take the battle to them,” said Kasich.  “Destroy ISIS, that's a given, and then after that, great intelligence to make sure we can thwart these attacks. And get the Europeans to start, you know, paying attention and doing their job. I mean, that's what I think we need to do, sir.”

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