DHS Bullet Inventory Is 246,451,611, Chief Procurement Officer Testifies

Penny Starr | April 25, 2013 | 6:42pm EDT
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Bruce Martindale takes aim as he competes in a weekly air gun league in Troy, N.Y. Martindale, who normally uses a .22-caliber, has cut back on practice because ammunition is in short supply. (AP Photo/Mike Groll, File)

(CNSNews.com) – The Department of Homeland Security’s chief procurement officer testified at a House hearing Thursday that the agency’s bullet stockpile is almost 250 million, and the procurement of ammunition has “remained constant” in relation to the number of employees that carry and use firearms.

“As of April 15, 2013, this amounted to DHS having approximately 246,451,611 rounds in inventory,” Nick Nayak said in prepared remarks to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations and Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Job Creation, and Regulatory Affairs hearing.

“On average, over the last three fiscal years, DHS procured approximately 120 million rounds of ammunition per year of all calibers and types and fired approximately the same number of rounds per year, almost exclusively for training purposes,” he said.

“DHS employs approximately 72,000 agents and officers that carry one or more firearms in the performance of their duties,” Nayak said, including those employed as Border Patrol Agents, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers, Secret Service agents, Uniformed Division officers, Physical Security Specialists, Federal Air Marshals, Federal Protective Service officers, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and officers.

“In addition to civilian DHS firearms users, the U.S. Coast Guard consists of over 41,000 uniformed members of the military who also train with and carry firearms in the performance of their duties,” Nayak said.

Nayak also said 70,000 federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement personnel are trained at four DHS interagency training sites that comprise the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).

“Since it was established in 1970, approximately 1,000,000 law enforcement officers and agents have been trained at FLETC,” Nayak said.

Throughout his testimony, Nayak emphasized that DHS tries to be a good steward of taxpayer funding.

“DHS maintains a highly trained workforce to fulfill its mission for the American people in the most effective and efficient way possible,” Nayak said in his prepared testimony. “While DHS spending on ammunition represents less than one tenth of one percent of the DHS budget, we continue to pursue measures that leverage all of the Department’s resources in order to best make use of taxpayer dollars.”

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