DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: ‘Pretty Bad Night for Mitt Romney’

Susan Jones | January 4, 2012 | 8:10am EST
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Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) chairs the Democratic National Committee. (AP Photo)

(CNSNews.com) – “I think it was pretty bad night, actually, for Mitt Romney – a great night for us,” says Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Speaking to Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, Schultz offered the Democrats’ spin on the Iowa caucus results:

“For Mitt Romney, it’s really a tough situation for him, because when is a quote-unquote ‘win’ a loss? When he’s spent six years and more than $4 million running for the second time trying to win the state of Iowa and you spent the most and only beat the person who spent the least by 8 votes. That demonstrates just how little support there is on the Republican side and how little enthusiasm there is for Mitt Romney’s candidacy. And he’s limping into New Hampshire, and I think he’s really damaged.”

Schultz also portrayed the Iowa caucuses as a successful “test run” for Democrats:

"We knew that the Iowa caucus was an opportunity to test our campaign organization and expand our volunteer base as we move toward November, and we're overwhelmed with the results," she said in a midnight statement.

"Not only did 25,000 Iowans come out tonight to talk about the president's record and vision to restore security to the middle class, but 7,500 Iowans pledged to volunteer and work for his reelection, underscoring their commitment to continuing the change the country has seen under President Obama's leadership.”

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On Wednesday morning, Schultz told Fox & Friends that as the Republican candidates “close up shop today” and leave Iowa, Democrats will “continue to expand our outreach and our operation here – and like in every battleground state, run an effective grassroots campaign.”

The chairman of the Republican Party dismissed Schultz’s remarks: “When you’re dealing with a president whose numbers are in the toilet, I guess you’re spinning all the time,” Reince Priebus told Fox & Friends Wednesday  morning.

Class warfare

In her midnight statement, Schultz bashed Romney as a "candidate who supports Tea Party policies" and who won’t fight for the middle class.

On Wednesday morning, she continued that theme:  “You’ll definitely see us (Democrats) at every opportunity helping Iowa and Americans understand that Mitt Romney has very little conviction. That the conviction that he has is to boost corporate America and the wealthiest, most fortunate Americans.”

She called Romney a flip-flopper on abortion who is now “running to the right as far as possible.”

She also said Mitt Romney “isn’t being truthful” in comparing his own record on job creation to the president’s.


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