Gov. Brown: ‘Is Very Dubious’ that Global Warming Legislation Causes Job Loss

By Eric Scheiner | August 25, 2016 | 2:01pm EDT
California Gov. Jerry Brown (AP Photo)

( - California Governor Jerry Brown (D) says that evidence that global warming solution legislation hurts jobs “is very dubious, if it exists at all.”

While speaking at a press conference Wednesday night Brown praised the passage of SB32 in the California Senate, which sets a target of cutting the state's output of heat-trapping emissions 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.

Brown responded to a question about critics who say the “Global Warming Solutions Act” will result in the loss of jobs.

“First of all the evidence on job loss is very dubious, if it exists at all,” Brown said.

“Manufacturing has been declining as part of the American work force for decades, declining in America generally - is very similar to California. “

“The economy is an impersonal mechanism of profit-seeking enterprises who will take the world as they find it. Whether it’s a mountain or a river or a regulation or a need for bright people.”

“People who want to invest will move through the obstacles that are there and if you say ‘electric cars’ we’ll get more electric cars, if you say ‘dirty cars’ we’ll get dirty cars. It’s up to government not to just rubber stamp the oil companies, but to set some rules of the road that will make our society a better place,” Brown said.

The California Chamber of Commerce website says the measure is a "job killer" that will slow economic growth, “increases costs for California businesses, makes them less competitive and discourages economic growth by adopting further greenhouse gas emission reductions for 2030 without regard to the impact on individuals, jobs and the economy.”

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